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Tenable and Amazon Web Services

Comprehensive Vulnerability Management for the Cloud

Tenable works with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help you meet your part of the AWS shared security responsibility. Tenable solutions help you secure your applications and workloads by:

  • Auditing AWS infrastructure for adherence to AWS and security best practices
  • Connecting directly to AWS for CloudTrail event monitoring
  • Scanning AWS instances to detect vulnerabilities, malware and identify compliance issues (pre-authorized for AWS with Tenable.io)

Tenable does this with the same Nessus® and SecurityCenter Continuous View® solutions you’re familiar with in your other IT environments today. That means you can get visibility into vulnerabilities and threats in your physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Benefits of Tenable Solutions for AWS

  • Centralizes cloud and on-premises scan results for security and compliance assessment across the organization. More
  • Hardens AWS configurations based on AWS and industry best practice guidance. More
  • Provides flexible options for running scans in AWS, including agents that can be scripted to deploy automatically when new services are spun up in AWS. More
  • Monitors AWS CloudTrail events, which offer additional visibility into user activity as well as outside attacks. More
  • Reduces CapEx and OpEx costs by eliminating the need to buy new licenses or having to learn new tools. More

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